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SOLD OUT - Needle Felted Irish Landscape!

$50.00 USD

Needle felted Irish landscape! 

Experience the fun of 2D needle felting! Learn how to create a unique, work of art made from wool in this step by step class led by Laura Gutzwiller. Laura will talk a bit about how 2D needle felting works, the types of wool you’ll be using, and how to create specific effects with fiber.  You’ll learn all about the different types of felting needles and special tips for working with each one. During this class, you’ll be using a multi-needle tool, some single needles in comfortable handles, and be working on a firm wool mat for the best control. During this class you’ll create a 5x5” dimensional piece of wool art that is inspired by the beautiful Irish landscape. Feel free to come with your own ideas and design!  

Each step of this class will be guided by Laura and she will spend extra time with each person, individually. For this reason, the class is limited to 10 people. 

Beginners are welcome! Come for a relaxing, fun class and learn a new skill to encourage your creativity! 

All materials are included to create one completed work of art during class time. Multiple frame colors will be provided for you! Light snacks will be provided. 

Needles are very sharp! Recommended for ages 13 and up. This is a detail oriented class, so come with patience and a smile! 

When: Sunday, March 17th, 1pm

Duration: 2.5-3 hours

Cost: $50/person