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Rigid Heddle Loom Clases

Rigid Heddle looms tend to be smaller than floor looms, and typically are appropriate for two shaft weaving patterns. Rigid Heddle looms may be used in a person's lap, or sitting at a table, depending on the situation. Typically, a Rigid Heddle loom is 36in wide or less. 


Rigid Heddle Loom Intro/Warping – 2 hours - $50.00

  • Students will learn how to warp a rigid heddle loom.
  • Students are welcome to bring in their own rigid heddle looms for this class.
  • Alternatively, students may warp a studio loom. If the student would like use the loom they have warped, they may subsequently reserve the loom for studio use.
  • Yarn will be provided for the warp – if students would prefer different yarn, they are welcome to bring their own or purchase some in the studio.