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Introduction to Hand-Embroidery

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Hand embroidery is a beautiful and engaging art form that runs the gamut from simple tea cloths and hooped decor to intricate silk kimonos and goldwork vestments. Nearly every embroidery style is created using some form of the basic stitches, which have been used for hundreds of years. Once the essentials are learned, the embroiderer can move on to any type of embroidery they’d like, such as crewelwork, thread painting, ribbon embroidery, goldwork, beaded embroidery, stumpwork, and many more. 

Introduction to Embroidery will teach you the most commonly used stitches, the tools you’ll need, and the foundations and history of the craft. 

The first class (Saturday, November 5, 11AM) introduces the history of embroidery, an overview of the equipment and how to set up your hoop. We will learn and practice line stitches such as the running and whipped running stitch; back stitch, laced and whipped; split stitch; stem and outline stitch; whipped stem and outline stitch.    

In the the second class (Saturday, December 3, 11AM) we will move on to transferring designs using several techniques and choosing background fabric. We will learn and practice chain stitch, alternating color chain stitch, fly stitch, feather stitch, and buttonhole stitch.

In the third class (Saturday, January 7, 11AM) we will discuss how to create and transfer your own design. We will learn and practice detached stitches and knots such as french knots, lazy daisy stitch, seed stitch, granitos, and bullion knots.

In the fourth class (Saturday, February 4, 11AM) we will discuss the types of embroidery and their history. We will learn and practice filling stitches such as fishbone stitch, lattice work, long and short stitch, and satin stitch. 

Each class is about 90 minutes, and materials can be purchased separately. The material kit includes all the equipment you’ll need to start you on your embroidery journey including an 8 inch hoop, embroidery scissors, background fabric, 10 skeins of colored DMC threads, and a packet of assorted needles.

Come experience the joy of hand embroidery at Three Moons Fiberworks.