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amethyst hemp
blue columbine hemp
buttercup hemp
cornflower hemp
emerald hemp
onyx hemp
ruby hemp
topaz hemp
wisteria hemp

This is a 2 ply hemp yarn from Lunatic Fringe with great drape and longevity. This yarn is dyed with reactive dyes, and is as washfast as Lunatic Fringe's Tubular Spectrum yarns. The yarn is made in Romania and dyed in the US.

This Firefly™ hemp yarn is perfect for delicate lace, summer clothing, and items for the home, and it makes a good warp yarn.  Hemp is a bast fiber like linen, but this yarn is much softer and more supple. It washes and polishes beautifully with ironing. It also doesn’t fuzz while you are weaving with it.  

Sett the 2 ply hemp yarn at 20 epi for twill and plain weave structures, and 18 epi for lace weaves.

The hemp works beautifully with cotton weft too.  8/2 or 10/2 cotton blends well with the 2 ply hemp yarn.   Blending cotton and hemp will soften the fabric and give it a luscious hand for towels or clothing.  Make sure you use one fiber for the warp and one for the weft.  Don’t mix cotton and hemp in your warp, because the two fibers have radically different amounts of stretch to them.

250 g cones; 1,410 yards per cone