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Animal to Art Demonstration - Part 3 Free Registration

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Animal to ART: Three Moons Fiberworks is pleased to announce a free to the public, 3 part series of demonstrations featuring the step by step processes that transform raw fleece into fabric and art. Participants are required to register for each presentation.

Part 1 - Fleece to Yarn:
September 18th (starting at 1pm, and going for about 2 hours)
The first presentation will be given by local textile Artist, Susan Atwell. Susan is a recipient of a Fellowship Grant through the Indiana Arts Commission On Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Course. She will be discussing and demonstrating, the many processes it takes by hand and machine, to transform raw fiber into finished yarn. Participants will have a hands on chance to experience many types of animal fibers both in fleece and yarn forms. A machine knitting demonstration with hand spun yarn will also be included.
Part 2 - Yarn to Woven Fabric:
October 2nd (starting at 1pm, and going for about 2 hours)

The 2nd presentation in this series will feature local Artist Chris Acton. Chris is a 2018 IAC On-Ramp Entrepreneur Co-Hort and Fellowship Grant Recipient. Chris will be sharing her weaving techniques, processes and insights through an in person demonstration. She will also be featuring a trunk show and sale of her one of a kind hand woven pieces.
Part 3 - Fleece to Felt:
November 6th (starting at 1pm, and going for about 2 hours)

The third and final presentation will again feature local Textile Artist Susan Atwell. She will be demonstrating several wet felting processes by hand and machine. Various animal fibers will be used for felting. Bits of hand dyed silks, cottons and hand spun yarns will be to incorporated to embellish one of a kind finished pieces and felted fabrics. Participants will have hands on experience comparing pre felted samples of many domestic and exotic fiber types. Interested participants are invited to *bring their own bar of soap* for a free Make and Take project at the end of this presentation. 

  • Artist Bios:
Susan Atwell is a Textile Artist living in Northwest Indiana. She holds a BFA in Textiles from Ball State University. Most recently she has completed the Indiana Arts Commission On-Ramp Creative Entrepreneur Course, and is a Fellowship Grant Recipient. She enjoys the full spectrum of Textile Arts from hand spinning reclaimed fibers into yarn to printing on repurposed fabrics with upcycled and found objects. She strives to continue her goal of connecting the universal human tactile experience through education, creativity and public display of Textile Art within the community. 
Chris randomly took a weaving class in 2005 as a way to counteract her boredom with a corporate job in the Chicago suburbs. It was love at first sight. Little did she know, this would be a major turning point in her life. Because of that class, she then left her job, moved to Indiana, and became a full-time weaver. Over the years, she has participated in art fairs all over the country and created hundreds of yards of handwoven fabric that have been transformed into unique handbags and home goods. These days you can find her carving a new path with virtual weaving classes, in addition to her online retail store at