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8/2 Bamboo Rayon

$14.72 USD
Natural 001
Shell 002
Old Gold 003
Havana Brown 004
Marigold 005
Burnt Orange 006
Cayenne 007
Cherry 008
Burgundy 009
Brown 010
Black 011
Navy Blue 012
Royal Blue 013
Medium Blue 014
Periwinkle 015
Rose 016
Wine 017
Magenta 018
Pale Gray 019
Cactus 020
Pale Lime 021
Dark Green 022

Bamboo yarn is a fiber made from the pulp of the bamboo plant. Using the same process that makes rayon, fiber produced from bamboo pulp is broken down into cellulose bits, polymerized, and then extruded into fine, smooth fibers. 

Fabric made with bamboo yarn has a wonderful drape, is comfortable to wear next to the skin, wicks away moisture, and is suitable in just about all weather. 

Sold on ½ lb tubes, 1530 metres (1680 yd) per tube.


**All colors are reproduced as best as possible, but multiple parameters can influence how the colors look on your screen. If you would like to see two colors side by side for comparison purposes, please contact us.**