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Felted Owl Workshop - Saturday, Nov 20th, 10 AM

$25.00 USD


Learn everything you need to know to needle felt a small owl ornament in this relaxed and supportive environment! In this beginner friendly workshop, with Laura from Felting by Laura, you will learn how to make your own 2” needle felted owl from start to finish. Your owl can be made into a unique ornament, secured to a birch branch, or left as a beautiful stand alone sculpture. No experience is necessary! All materials are included, including foam mats, felting needles and wool. Laura will guide everyone through the process, demonstrating one style of owl. She will offer creative input, show how to create certain details, and talk through how felting works. Needles are very sharp, so it is not recommended for children younger than 13. This is a detail oriented class, so come with patience and a smile!

Time: 1 hour 30 min 

Some people may finish sooner depending on how dense they’d like to felt their owl or amount of detail added. Feel free to start another one with your materials!

Price:$25 per person