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Dye/Spin/Weave Workshop Series

$325.00 USD

Join us for our first ever Dye/Spin/Weave Workshop Series, where participants will weave a scarf using yarn they have died and spun themselves! Most importantly, no experience is necessary! In this amazing workshop series, four different local artists have come together to help each student create their very own piece of art.

Part 1 of the workshop series (Sun, Jan 15th, starting at noon) will be focused on dyeing. In this workshop led by local artist Susan Atwell, participants will dye the materials needed for their scarf, which will include both yarn and wool (which participants can spin into art yarn in part 2 of the series to embellish their scarf). All materials are included. 

Part 2 of the workshop series (Sun, Feb 5th, starting at noon) will be focused on spinning. In this workshop led by local artist Terry Guenther and Rebecca Riley-Vargas, participants will learn about blending wool in preparation for spinning, and participants will learn to spin their own wool into yarn. At the end of this workshop, participants will understand the mechanics of spinning, and will turn their wool into art yarn, but participants are not expected to be producing consistent yarn without additional practice. 

Part 3 of the workshop series (Sat, Feb 25th 10am-6pm and Sun, Feb 26th noon to 3pm) will be focused on weaving. In this workshop led by local artist Chris Acton of Acton Creative, participants will use their own dyed yarn to create a hand-woven scarf. All weaving will be done on Woolhouse table looms produced by Fiber Artist Supply company. We will warp the looms for you (if you want to warp your own loom, there is a $50 discount, please contact us for details).