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My 1st Weaving Project on 4-Shafts - 3 day beginner workshop

$320.00 USD

This 3 day workshop taught by Chris Action of Acton Creative is designed to help beginner weavers learn the entire weaving process, start to finish. Participants will start with dressing (warping) a loom using the front-to-back method, then move on to weaving a cotton sampler on 4-shafts. The goal for the workshop is to provide each student with a roadmap of how to weave on a multi-shaft loom, and arm them with the steps necessary to start, weave, and finish a weaving project on their own. Students are welcome to bring their own 4 shaft loom, or to use a table loom provided by Three Moons Fiberworks. There will be a limited number of table looms available for purchase at the close of the workshop.

We will begin with an overview of the weaving process, along with vocabulary and tools. Then, as a class we’ll plan a project, measure the warp on a warping board, sley the reed, thread the heddles, wind on the project, and begin weaving. To wrap class up, we’ll discuss finishing techniques and how to confidently recreate the experience once students get home. 

Each student will need to bring the following -
  • Roll of craft paper in a 12-24” width
  • Pen/pencil & notebook
  • If you are bringing your own loom, please bring a 12-dent reed if possible. 
What will be provided for each student to take home - 
  • Paper goods (planning pages, graph paper, project notes, etc.) 
  • Yarn for the project
Class limit is 6, and registration fee is $320 per student.  If you need overnight accommodations, discounts are available at Riley's Railhouse Bed and Breakfast, located across the street from Three Moons Fiberworks. Please contact us for more details. 

Workshop dates and times:
Friday, February 17 from 9-4
Saturday, February 18 from 9-4
Sunday, February 23 from 9-12
We encourage participants to explore the Duneland area on Friday/Saturday/Sunday - please let us know if you would like more information on what is available.