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20/2 silk

$33.34 USD
apricot blush 33
black silk
potting soil brown 229
carob brown 209
victoria blue 179
marina blue 178
lilac snow 54
rio red 97
purple 427
sparkling grape 60
light purple 58
pink lemonade 47
poppy red 35
natural silk
buttercup yellow 6
ochre 212
amazon green 159
turquoise 163
silver 253
gray 295
leather 206
peacock blue 168
gold nugget 214

This 20/2 silk is imported from India, and is sold on ~100g cones, with ~ 1000lb/cone.

Suggested Sett: Lace 24 epi, Plain weave 26 epi, Twill 28 epi. As always, sampling is recommended. 

Please note - there is slight variation in total yardage from cone to cone. If you are cutting your total needs very close, please let us know and we will weigh the exact cones you want to provide a better approximation of yardage. 


**All colors are reproduced as best as possible, but multiple parameters can influence how the colors look on your screen. If you would like to see two colors side by side for comparison purposes, please contact us.**