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10/2 Georgia Cotton

$32.00 USD
Black gyc
Bleached gyc
Natural gyc
Silver gyc
Smoked Pearl gyc
Cornflower gyc
Carolina Blue gyc
Turquoise gyc
Warm Navy gyc
Peacock Hyacinth gyc
Spring Green gyc
Hunter Green gyc
Olive Green gyc
Shamrock Green gyc
Peach gyc
Old Brick gyc
Persimmon gyc
Cherry Red gyc
Lipstick gyc
Cardinal Red gyc
Rose gyc
Dogwood Pink gyc
Daffodil gyc
Gold gyc
Purple gyc
Violet gyc
Orchid gyc
Chocolate gyc
Chestnut gyc
Hemp gyc
Linen gyc

This 10/2 ring spun cotton was grown, ginned, spun, and plied in Georgia, and it was dyed in North Carolina. This is an unmercerized yarn, but the yarn is coated with a wax for ease of handing. The wax will wash out in warm water. This yarn is reactive dyed and is a true color fast yarn.

Sold on ~ 1lb cones, 4,200 yards per pound. Please note - the cones can vary slightly in weight. If you are measuring your project out precisely, and need to know the exact weight of the cone, please let us know and we will be more than happy to weigh it for you. 

Estimated sett:
Lace 20epi, Plain 24epi, Twill 28epi

**All colors are reproduced as best as possible, but multiple parameters can influence how the colors look on your screen. If you would like to see two colors side by side for comparison purposes, please contact us.**